Resources for cowork spaces


Useful stuff if you’re thinking about opening a space.

Case studies, Infographics and a bunch of related books and articles of recommended reading if you are planning to open a work space of any kind.


  •   Megan Hunt – Camp in downtown omaha Megan talks about why they had to close after two years of camp coworking in downtown Omaha.  Camp Coworking Case Study›
  •   Google Campus coworking London A first hand experience of using Google’s coworking space. Google Campus Case Study›


  •   The Starfish and the Spider Get this book ›
  •   What’s Mine Is Yours Get this book ›
  •   People in Beta Watch the video›  
  •   The Web as a City Watch the video ›  
  •   Coworking Google Group Visit the #1 place to talk coworking on the internet ›  
  •   Coworking WIKI A free, community-owned and operated resource ›  
  •   The Downtown Project Visit the downtown project ›  
  •   Desktime Coworking directory and subscriptions ›